About Me

My Background


My Dad loved to paint and as a child I remembered how the house smelled of turpentine and oil paint. I was fascinated watching him.  In school, art days  when I could color were the best. Sadly in secondary school an art teacher told me I could not draw.  Discouraged I did not try art again until I was in my late 40's.   I began in watercolors , however it was a weekend  workshop on abstract and acrylics that helped me find peace with art.  Abstract allowed me to play and  capture the world my way. Playing with color, shape and texture allow me to interpret the beauty in the world my way. Welcome to my world of abstractions.

My Medium


I started painting in watercolor, and moved into abstracts using acrylic. More recently I have been playing in oil, oil pastels and really love these mediums too. My creativity stays fresh if I do not limit myself to what I think I know.

My Inspiration


Nature in all its colors, textures, shapes and light are my biggest inspiration.  Of course other artists and their interpretations are equally inspiring.